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Our Team

Frank G. Gallagher, Special Advisor, Protective Services

Frank G. Gallagher has over thirty years of international experience providing personal protection, intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism operations, surveillance detection, threat analysis, and security training in both the private security sector and the United States Military.

Mr. Gallagher is a former executive vice president for the Amyntor Group. Since 2006, Mr. Gallagher worked for the US Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) Program training foreign protection agents in VIP protection and VIPP-TST (Tactical Support Team) courses. He helped to rewrite the PNL (Protecting National Leaders) course, and is recognized as a subject matter expert by the US Department of State. Prior to the ATA Program he served Blackwater Security as Lead Instructor for the Protective Service Details (PSD) portion of the State Department’s Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS) ‘High Threat Protection Training’ program.

Before WPPS Mr. Gallagher worked in Iraq for the Counter Terrorism Special Operations Forces under DoD as the Deputy Program Manager for the team from the Bureau of Diplomatic Protection responsible for training the Iraqi PSD teams that are now protecting the new Iraqi leadership. Most notably he was the Agent in Charge (AIC) of Ambassador L. Paul Bremer’s security detail in Baghdad, Iraq where he was responsible for the day to day safety and security of the Presidential Envoy. Mr. Gallagher designed and supervised the motorcade operations, CAT team operations, foot formations, surveillance detection, and helicopter support procedures that helped make the mission a success.

Previously Mr. Gallagher worked for International Business Resources (IBR) where he was responsible for the creation, training, and outfitting of both the CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) and ‘Hostile Environment Training’ programs. Mr. Gallagher also conducted international security surveys for multi-national clients to ensure their adherence to acceptable risk management standards.

Earlier he served as the Director of Security for former US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, where he was responsible for the safety and security of Dr. and Mrs. Kissinger domestically and internationally, publicly and privately, as well as the recruiting and training of the members of the Protective Service Detail.

Mr. Gallagher is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as a member of 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion. Frank is the co-author of the book “The Bremer Detail: Protecting the Most Threatened Man in the World”.

Mr. Gallagher will bring his considerable expertise to bear upon our Protective Services programs, policies and procedures.

Raffaele M. Di Giorgio, Program Manager

Raffaele M. Di Giorgio is a former law enforcement officer, and presently an international security expert with more than 25 years of military, emergency response, and medical experience. He has provided training and consulting throughout the world including presidential Protective Service Details in Mexico, Australian Embassy (Baghdad), Iraqi National Police (INP) emergency response unit (ERU) members/medics, South Africa Military, Afghanistan National Police, Jordan Special Protection Group (SPG) units and Pakistan Police units.

Mr. Di Giorgio is one of the only US citizens to be a licensed Paramedic in the US, UK and Australia. Raffaele provides direct consulting and training services to the US Department of State on their Global Anti-terrorism (GATA) and counterterrorism programs, as well as their Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, (CPATT). Mr. Di Giorgio is also a consultant to the US Department of Defense in conjunction with their Coalition Police Development Division (CPDD), and other US DOD programs.

He holds a Department of Defense Security Clearance and holds certifications for Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS), Certified Master Executive Protection Specialist (CMEPS), through the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board(ATAB), US-National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), Registered Paramedic United Kingdom (British) Health Professions Council (HPC) Paramedic-License Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedic.

He is a multi-disciplined instructor and public speaker on such disciplines as Protective Intelligence, Intelligence Operations, Tactical medicine, High Value Target (HVT) protection, Dignitary protection, Emergency Response Planning, Responding to Mass Casualty Events Both Man-Made and Natural Disasters, Emergency Medical Operations, Crisis Response Planning, and Continuity of Operations Planning(COOP).

He is the author of the Amazon #1 best seller and internationally best-selling book “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders: For Both the Individuals and Agencies” as well as contributor to various law enforcement, military and private security publications and books.

Carolyn Tran, Program Manager

Carolyn Tran is a registered social worker, researcher and academic. Carolyn currently serves as a Project Coordinator for Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit, a bi-university research unit for the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, Canada. She additionally offers support to Bachelor students with the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina from time to time.

Carolyn’s educational background consists of Bachelor of Arts (4 yr with distinction), majoring in Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Work, and currently, completion of a Master’s degree in Social Work. She has received numerous awards for her academic endeavors and has received both provincial and national recognition for her innovative research.

In addition to excelling academically, she possesses a diverse range of experience after nearly a decade in the field including social work with high risk youth, youth justice, community outreach, families and children as well as social work education and research. Her passions in social work are centered on international social work, specifically human rights and social justice issues, issues affecting immigrants and refugees, and supporting high risk youth in overcoming barriers. Carolyn’s social work philosophies use a community based and person centered approach, as well as strengths based and empowering practice utilizing motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and a critical stance.